Happy New Year!
The last few months have been quiet in the boating world. I am sure everyone is consumed with the weather and keeping an eye on the government, not only here in Canada and the US, but around the world.

The Toronto International Boat Show begins Friday, January 12, 2018. This show has historically hiked up interest in boating and gets people in the mood to start thinking about the upcoming season – and hopefully in the mood to buy that wooden boat they have always dreamed about. Be sure to drop in to the ACBS booth.

As you all know there is still lots going on over the winter; workshops. The boat show in Tavares Florida for those lucky enough to be there and of course, the Muskoka shop tour in the spring. I understand all the boat shops in the area are running full speed which indicates people are maintaining and restoring.

We really need to promote this hobby to the younger generation.
Their interest is critical to longevity of these vessels which we have so lovingly and meticulously maintained through the years.
Have a great winter wherever you are and as Paul Doddington says, “See you when the ice is good again”.

Regards, Ed